The 2016 ACVBM Annual Conference was held in conjunction with both the AHVMA Annual Conference and the VBMA Annual Meeting. All events took place at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Columbus Ohio, and the ACVBM featured Jeffrey Yuen during the day on September 9, 2016. The evening lecture on September 9th will featured Jeff Chilton discussing mushrooms.













During the day on September 9th Jeffrey Yuen discussed 'Modern Applications for Classical Formulas' from 8 AM to 3:40 PM.  More info about Jeffery can be found by visiting the following links:










Jeffrey's lecture was followed by a lecture on Mushrooms by Jeff Chilton from 7:30 to 10:00 PM.


Title: Quality Control Issues in Medicinal Mushroom Products (or why your knowledge about fungi is all wrong.)


As mushrooms become mainstream, it is more important than ever to understand their life cycle and growth stages, and how this affects the production of important nutritional and medicinal compounds. It is also important to understand how mushrooms are cultivated and the manner in which the cultivation method can influence their constituent profile.  There are many mushroom supplements in the marketplace, but there have been few genuine standards to guarantee quality. In this talk, Jeff Chilton will speak about:


Mushrooms as food and medicine

How mushrooms are cultivated and how this affects quality

What is mycelium and what is its true role

Cell walls, chitin and beta-glucan elucidated

What are the important active compounds in medicinal mushrooms

The development of new testing methods and what they reveal

Making product quality the central focus

How a newly developed testing protocol can insure product integrity and medicinal value


More information on Jeff Chilton can be found here:




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