This year's herb walk will be presented by Christopher Hobbs on October 2nd at 4 PM at the ACVBM annual conference in Kissimmee, FL. Additional details will be available soon.



The American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine celebrated its third annual conference in San Diego, California, October 3-4, 2017. Our conference started with an herb walk led by Dr. Ihor Basko. This was a sense based experience with the participants selecting a few plants that ‘called’ to them. Then sitting in silence with the plant, one attempted to hear them, smell them, sense them, using all of ones sensory capabilities. It was a wonderful experience to just be with the plants and to try to discern their personalities without relying on a book for information.


From Ihor:  http://www.ethnoherbalist.com/southern-california-native-plants-medicinal/


 "I personally will be using it as a guide.  It should be especially useful for those living in the area and are thinking about using local herbs in

their practice. I am planning my herb walk to be more experiential than didactic learning so that the experience can be used in their own locale.  I would like people to take pictures of those they find interesting or "are calling to them" and spend some time with the plant...feeling, sensing, tasting, and hearing them."


A slideshow of images we captured is below. More will be added as received.

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